About Us

The Strategic Operations and Training (SOT) department is an integral part of the Office of Research and the Office of Research Administration. It aims to streamline research processes, improve operational efficiencies, and enhance the skills and knowledge of research staff and administrators. It seeks to streamline research processes, improve operational efficiencies, enhance the skills and knowledge of research staff and administrators, and manage and disseminate critical information for effective communication between stakeholders and various research units. 


Our mission is to champion operational excellence and innovation in Research Administration at Emory University. We are committed to providing comprehensive research administration training, fostering professional development, and ensuring clear and effective communications within the Emory Research Community. By streamlining processes, facilitating continuous improvement, and delivering business excellence, we empower our stakeholders to excel in their research endeavors and contribute to the advancement of knowledge.


Our vision is to catalyze pioneering research initiatives and administrative excellence within the Office of Research Administration.

Value Statement

We are devoted to achieving operational brilliance, nurturing a culture of continuous learning, and facilitating cross-departmental collaboration. Through data-driven insights and industry best practices, we aim to reduce inefficiencies and elevate the standard of research and administration, thereby contributing to the overarching mission of advancing knowledge and innovation.

Our Team

Focusing on operational excellence, continuous process improvement, training, and effective communication, the SOT contributes significantly to the broader goals of the Office of Research and the Office of Research Administration. The SOT teams are instrumental in creating a cohesive, efficient environment for research and administration.

Strategic Operations (The Dragon Team)

The Dragon Team works diligently to identify inefficiencies, propose innovative solutions, and implement strategies that optimize research operations. Leveraging data analytics and best practices, the Dragon Team ensures that research programs are well-aligned with institutional goals and executed most effectively. Their commitment to operational excellence is evident in their meticulous approach to streamlining processes and driving continuous improvement. 

Research Training Team

The Research Training Team focuses on the research staff and administrators' continuous learning and professional development. It offers a variety of training programs, workshops, and seminars designed to enhance skill sets and keep the team up to date with the latest research administration methodologies, ethical standards, and compliance guidelines. The objective is to create a well-equipped and knowledgeable workforce capable of executing high-quality research management and researcher support. 

ORA Communications Team

As a critical component of the Strategic Operations and Training (SOT) department, the ORA Communications Team manages and disseminates vital information within the Office of Research Administration. The team ensures seamless communication between stakeholders and research units by utilizing publications, digital tools, and collaborative councils. 

Process Management Support Team

SOT provides process management support for major projects across the Office of Research Administration (ORA). This function involves coordinating inter-departmental efforts and facilitating the successful completion of projects, thereby enhancing ORA's overall effectiveness and efficiency.